What's with the name, Bro?

Real Estate

Many people ask where the name "Rickypedia" comes from...

Well, to be honest when I first started Real Estate everyone kept telling me, “you need a tagline” “you need a way that people will remember you”

As I was pondering ideas and trying to figure out what would be my tag line, I started to think of what people would say about me if they had to describe me to a complete stranger. Aside from the fact that everyone I know, knows that I LOVE fried chicken (that’s a whole different story) I wasn’t sure until I had a conversation with my best friend Thomas.

I remember talking to him in telling him about my dilemma. “what is my tagline?” I asked. I knew I didn’t want anything cheesy yet the fact that I was having a hard time coming up with a “tag line” made the whole thing cheesy to me. I mean, I love cheese but this was not what I was looking for.  Hello, I didn’t want to be like every other realtor out there. As I was yapping away, my best friend silenced me and said, “Are you kidding me, Ricky? Everyone calls you rickypedia already. You’re full of random facts and about Houston and its history. Anytime anyone has a question about Houston, they say call Rickypedia. He knows anything and everything about Houston.” He then said “Come on, who else knows more about Houston than you?”

As I stayed there outside of the Starbucks parking lot, I thought to myself, “you know what? He is right! People have been calling me Rickypedia for years!” from that moment, I knew that my new “tagline “if you will, would be the RICKYPEDIA of Houston Real Estate. As cheesy as it may sound, I’ve learned to accept and embrace my Rickypedianess and all of its cheesiness.